Step By Step Process Diagram

The Steps to Open­ing Your Wolfnights® Franchise:

  1. Sub­mit the Get Started form
  2. Tele­phone Inter­view with Wolfnights® Fran­chise Team
  3. Receive and review Fran­chise Dis­clo­sure Doc­u­ment (FDD) by email
  4. Undergo credit and back­ground checks
  5. Pro­vide proof of assets and financing
  6. Secure Any Nec­es­sary Financing
  7. Meet Face-​to-​Face with Wolfnights® Fran­chise Sales Representative
  8. Begin the Site Selec­tion Process
  9. Sign the Fran­chise Agreement
  10. Begin the Site Build-​out Process
  11. Attend Train­ing at our Cor­po­rate Headquarters
  12. Start Hir­ing Staff in your Territory
  13. Receive Onsite Assis­tance from a Wolfnights® Fran­chise Sup­port Representative
  14. Hold Grand Open­ing & Start Grow­ing YOUR Wolfnights® business!

Take the next step! To begin the process of becom­ing a Wolfnights® fran­chise owner, visit our Fre­quently Asked Ques­tions, then click on Get Started and fill out the appli­ca­tion to receive fur­ther infor­ma­tion. If you have any imme­di­ate ques­tions, con­tact us at .