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How can I order Wolfnights? 

We take orders from our website and via our app which you can download here for IOS or here for Google. However, we do not take orders over the phone. 

What types of payment do you take? 

We accept all major credit cards and SamsungPay and ApplePay. 

Wolfnights® is a cashless restaurant. Going cashless allows us to streamline operations by making ordering easier, faster and cleaner so that we can provide you, our customer, with the best Wolfnights® experience.

How many calories are in your wraps?

*All calories are calculated without dough or sauce.

Dough Calorie Range: 250 – 295, Whole Wheat Dough: 285, Gluten Free Dough: 325.
Keto Dough: 175, Sauce Calorie Range: 95 – 192.

HOWLING * 442.2 cal

MOWGLI * 208 cal


TEEN WOLF * 427.4 cal

THE BEAST * 386.7 cal

ONCE BITTEN * 260 cal

DIRE WOLF * 576 cal

UNDERWORLD * 457 cal

BROTHERS GRIMM * 329.4 cal

PINK MOON * 263.2 cal


GHOST * 392 cal

THE PACK *513 calories

I have food allergies do you have an allergen list? 

Yes! See our list here. Please note that we can not guarantee that cross contaminate will not occur.